Josh Bonneta – Strange Lines and Distances
DVD & Blu-ray

Our team worked closely with artist and academic lecturer Josh Bonneta to create an immersive audio/visual experience for DVD & Blu-ray .

Strange Lines and Distances is a two-channel audiovisual installation focusing on Guglielmo Marconi’s first transatlantic radio broadcast. The work is inspired by Marconi’s belief that sound never diminishes, but rather grows incrementally fainter and fainter. First conceived as an installation, Experimedia films got in touch with the always adventurous folks at Evil Llama to develop a DVD and Blu-ray version that would re-transmit the concept to the more basic home entertainment set up. The project resulted in a fully interactive multi-angle navigation disc as well as a including a side-by-side option enabling the viewer to experience the full capacity of the original installation from the comfort of their own sofa.  Both discs come with surround audio mixes with DTSHD Master Audio on the Blu-ray.