Julian Lennon – Through The Picture Window
DVD, iPhone & iPad editions

The Evil Llama team animated and authored the recent Julian Lennon Through The Picture Window DVD. Produced by Dick Carruther’s Cheese Films, Evil Llama also developed a bespoke sophisticated multi-audio stream option offering the choice between normal and acoustic versions on all  Julian’s songs.  Working in conjunction with the guys at The Distance we also produced a special app version with innovative options such as multi-audio videos that enable each user to change the content whilst watching. All audio and video material was encoded and processed by Evil Llama, including  DVD, iPhone, iPad versions, Android & Win8 mobile devices as well as a  special 720p version for download on flickrocket.

We worked closely with award winning filmmaker Dick Carruthers to achieve a fluid and hypnotising interactive experience that reflects both the spirit of Julian’s art as well as the mood of the documentary. The documentary is a feature length, in-depth look at the story behind Everything Changes, examining the history, influences and the creative process itself. The App uses cutting edge technology to bring you a fully interactive, high quality media experience across all platforms. Julian will also be personally updating the app with news, photos, videos and much more. Check it out on Julian’s website.