Evil Llama Website On-Line

January 27, 2014

We finally finished our website. A work in progress and difficult to get right. After a lot of fancy coding and moving graphics we opted for a simple easy to use website that could easily inform and illustrate our work. If you have any suggestions on how to make it better do get in touch.

Julian Lennon ‘Through the Picture Window’ OUT NOW

December 11, 2013

We’re very excited to see one of our first projects out there in the shops, the mesmerising and hypnotic Julian Lennon’s Through the Picture Window DVD.

The Evil Llama team worked together with director Dick Carruthers in order to transmit  the spirit and serenity of Julian’s art across the disc.  The documentary is a feature length, in-depth look at the story behind Everything Changes, examining the history, influences and the creative process itself. The App, encoded by Evil Llama and developed by aeCreates, uses cutting edge technology to bring you a fully interactive, high quality media experience across all platforms. Julian will also updates the app with news, photos, videos and much more. Have a look at how it turned out over in our work section. 

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We Are Evil Llama!

November 24, 2013

Evil Llama, a design and post-production agency, was founded by three former members of The Pavement – Corinne Pollock, Meric De Silva and Gonçalo Cardoso, whom between them have 36 years combined experience in design and post production.
The team have produced award winning Blu-ray and DVD titles for the likes of U2, Channel 4, Universal, Iron Maiden, BBC and Lionsgate.
In the past they have collaborated with Jo Cornish on Attack the Block, Edgar Wright on Shaun of the Dead and the late Storm Thorgeson on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish Your Were Here.

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